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Privacy Policy


Your check in luggages (not more than 20 kg per person) WRITE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS & AHMED WORL TRAVELS names BOLDLY on your luggages for identification (its is recommended to tie special identification ribbons). Hand carry luggage should not exceed 7 kg.


The cost includes the following facilities.

  • Haj Package duration :
    • 35 days
  • Return Air Ticket for CHENNAI – JEDDAH – CHENNAI
  • AT MAKKAH comfortable A/c accomodation with all facilities very close to KAABATHULLAH.
  • AT MADINA comfortable A/c accomodation with all facilities very close to MASJID-E-NABWI
  • Comfortable tents will be provided with Air Coolers to stay at MUNA during Haj period.
  • A/c Bus transport from Airport to Hotel and Vice Versa. Makkah to Madina and back.
  • Guidance for Ziarath at Makkah and Madina, Muna, Arafath & Muzdalifa.
  • A three course Indian food will be provided. Catering consisting of tasty, delicious food with Tea & Coffee, Soups, Juices, Popcorn, Sweets and fruits meticulously arranged through out the journey
  • Laundry
  • Moallim fees will be met by ‘AHMED WORLD TRAVELS’
  • Haj / Umrah Visa fees and service charges.
  • Services of Qualified Aalims, Aalima and experienced Guides throughout the journey for Haj.


  • Qurbani Amount Rs. 10,000/-
  • Hajis coming to Makkah from Muna for performance of ‘Tawaf-E-Khuddum’ and back to Muna have to bear their own conveyance and food expenses.
  • Foreign exchange etc., Under BTQ scheme each person eligible to draw 5,000 USD at his own cost
  • Any increase in the airfare that may come into force prior to the advertised scheduled journey, has to be made good by the pilgrims.
  • Increase in the ground arrangements due to fluctuation in exchange rates, the passengers will have to pay difference and / of the additional amount so required before departure.
  • Expenses of personal nature such as Cigarettes, tips to hotel staff and porterage.
  • Excess luggage transport fare from Makkah to Jeddah.
  • Tips to staff / helpers / cook.
  • Dates / Shopping.
  • Airlines excess luggage charges.

Important Guidelines

  • It is incumbent upon all pilgrims to abide by the rules and regulations enforced By the ‘AHMED WORLD TRAVELS, SAUDI ARABIAN AUTHORITIES and GOVT. OF INDIA from time to time for the Hajis in connection with the Haj pilgrimage.
  • It should be ensured that no prohibited / contraband articles are carried by the pilgrims during tour. Anyone violating these rules will be doing so at his/her own risk/peril. ‘AHMED WORLD TRAVELS’ will not be responsible for their acts.
  • All matters or disputes arising from the tour are subject to be settled in a arbitatory manner.
  • ‘AHMED WORLD TRAVELS’ reserves the right to vary or cancel all or any part of the ‘HAJ programme if for any reason facilities as committed cannot be provided.


Once the booking has been confirmed the following charges will be payable in the event of cancellation by the applicant (passenger).

100% Cancellation less than 8 days prior to departure

50% Cancellation less than 15 days prior to departure

25% Cancellation less than 21 days prior to departure

Rs.5000 less than 45 days.


PAYMENT TERMS: All Payments should be made through Cash/Cheque /DD/Online Bank transfers favoring “AHMED WORLD TRAVELS TOURS & CARGO (P) LTD”. Please do not give CASH to any of our Agents or Branch Offices. AHMED WORLD TRAVELS will not be responsible for any Cash Payments to Agents. CASH Deposits should only be made at the Head Office in Chennai only. Our Bank accounts are mentioned clearly on our website on the following link: http://www.ahmedworldtravels.com.


CONDITIONS OF BOOKING: Ahmed World Travels are operators only, we do not control any Airline, nor we control any Moallim, Coach Company, Hotel, Transport or any other service mentioned in the website brochure / pamphlet, as they are independently operating agencies. But we take care in selecting the necessary facilities required for conducting the Tour keeping in mind pilgrims benefit & comfort. And just because we select them & inspect them we cannot be responsible for any Delay or Improper services provided by these Independent agencies. Also in case of Injury, Death or Loss / Damage which is caused by the act or default of the management or employees of any Hotelier, Airlines, Moallim, Coach operator Company who are independent contractors arising outside our normal selection and inspection process. We are not responsible for the delayed / deficient services if any granted by them or / any act or actions of cotravelers which may result in availing the following and / or other services on the Tour.


Hotel description and classification are based on those officially booked by ‘AHMED WORLD TRAVELS’.


Immigration and customs clearance at Jeddah Airport or Madinah Airport It takes nearly 2-3 hours (or more) to complete all formalities. SO KINDLY HAND CARRY SOME SNACKS / SHORT EATS/ WATER & YOUR MEDICINES. (All medicines should have doctor’s prescription and pharmacy bill).


  • Medicines: Keep your regular Medicines for 40 days (with Doctor’s latest prescription). Buy Candid powder & ointment for thigh rashes. Buy Krack cream, Vaseline. Also buy medicines for fever, cough & cold.
  • Toiletries
  • Horlicks / Bournvita / Glucose for your personal use.
  • 1 Light bed Sheet.
  • Extra pair of Ihram cloth for men / Extra set of Makhana for women’s
  • Clothing : for Men
    1. 3/4 sets of shirts & pants.
    2. 4/5 lungies or pyjamas.

    For Women

    1. 4 nighties or Punjabi dresses (or) 3 sets of sarees
    2. 1 Burqah.
  • Prayer Mat, Sweater, Muffler.
  • Two sets of Hawai Slippers
  • One set of small size jug.
  • Airpillow for Muna during Haj.
  • For infirm people: Folding stool, Commode, Wheelchair, Walking Stick.


  • 1 Big bag / 1 Carry bag /1 Document bag
  • 1 set of Makana for Ladies.
  • 1 set of lhram cloth for Gents.
  • Guidance! Dua Books.
  • Tazbi for Tawaf.
  • Chappal bag & Stone bag.
  • 5 Litres Zam Zam

Major Difference between various packages:

  • Food is commonly served for all packages. Hajees opting for 5 star hotel packages will have to come to star hotels for food.
  • Sharing room is as per room capacity and package selected by hajees.
  • Bathrooms in 2 & 3/4 persons per room package will be all attached but in 5 to 6 persons per room package. some rooms may have common bathrooms. No guarantee of attached bathrooms at all in 5 to 6 persons per room package.
  • 5 Star packages hotels will be 5-10 mins walking distance from Haram and Star hotel class will be 10-15 mins walking distance from Haram.
  • Minimum four hajees are required to confirm bookings in 2 persons per room package in 5 Star Hotel.
  • Common accommodation for all package hajees in Aziziya
  • No 2 Persons per room sharing in Aziziya

Hardships / Inconveniences expected during Haj days

All the arrangements for the hajees transport in Makkah, Madinah, Aziziya and during the Haj days Dhil Hijja 8th to 12th is totally managed by the Moallims, who work under the Saudi Government. For the services provided by the Moallim for the transports and during the haj days Ahmed World Travels pays the entire charges for each hajee. Ahmed World Travels is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by the services provided by the Moallim.

  1. Mina tents are provided by the Moallim as per the Saudi Government’s orders. Tents are crampy and cluttered as maximum hajees are accommodated in them.
  2. Transport facility during Haj days from Makkah to Mina, Mina to Arafat, Arafat to Muzdalifah, Muzdalifah to Mina is provided by the Moallim. Bus or Train facility will be provided by the Moallim depending upon the Saudi Governments Orders. Delays are expected.
  3. Usually the Bus / Train/ Taxi facilities are very crowded, as maximum number of hajees are accommodated in them.
  4. Food will be served by Ahmed World Travels in Tents at Mina and Arafat. Food will not be served at Muzdalifah.
  5. Hajees have to make their own transport & food arrangements to go to Kaabathullah, Makkah for Tawaf-e-Ziarath. Usually the transport facility is very expensive during the haj days.
  6. As lacs of hajees from all over the world are camping in the same place, all roads are blocked and crampy. Heavy traffic jams occur during the haj days. Hence be prepared for long waits in Bus/Train/Taxis.
  7. Due to the heavy crowd and non-movement of Traffic it becomes mandatory to walk to all places. Hence be mentally and physically prepared to walk for long distances. Each and every hajee have to walk. WALKING LONG DISTANCE DURING HAJ DAYS IS UNAVOIDABLE.
Each prospective pilgrim should read and sign this token of his/her acceptance of the informations and conditions stipulated above.

For Indians holding Foreign Passports

  • Any person who is Indian by origin but is holding a Foreign Passport must provide their OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) or PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) card to get their visa stamped from INDIA.
  • For more information on PIO or OCI card please visit:
  • Passport validity should be minimum 6 months from the date of departure.
  • Required minimum 4 empty pages in passport for visa stamping.


A deposit of Rs.1,00,000/- per person must be made at the time of booking if for any reason the booking cannot be subsequenty confirmed by ‘AHMED WORLD TRAVELS’ a full refund will be made.

  1. Balance amount has to be fully settled 45 days before the departure date.
  2. A non refundable Documentation charge of Rs. 1,000/- to be paid by each hajee.